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Dr. Glenn Wollman - The Medical Guide
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Sex Male
Country United States flag
City Santa Barbara, California
Profile status Active
Interests: Medicine(healing), Qigong, Music, Painting, Martial Arts
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6 Mar 13:04

Hello,lam misscaroline,
l need your
l will like
you to reply
so l can give
you my photos
and more details
about me,

15 Feb 18:37

Dr. G... you never sees to amaze me with your profound wisdom and insights shared at the conference during each of your sessions. You had me just about ROFL (that's Rolling On the Floor Laughing) during your workshops with your subtle humor and cleverness. Thanks for the kind words and may your days be blessed with Lovingkindess. 

15 Feb 19:22

Greetings Segovia,

thank you for the feedback and the kind words.Hopefully there were things in each talk that were helpful in a practical sense. I never know if I should keep the humor subtle or make it overt,. Happy to give you some virtual billing. You certainly deserve it.

Dr. G.

11 Feb 02:40

Ah yes, my mistake, HYPOthyroid.  My symptoms include joint pain, fatigue, foggy-brain, and the one that finally got my attention - overall inability to cope!  I have a very good physician who saw beyond my immediate despair and ordered the bloodwork for Thyroid.  I haven't moved much beyond taking the prescribed thyroid replacement, and allowing myself to be sick in order to get better (lots of rest, cutting back on sweets, drinking more water).


Thanks again!

15 Feb 19:06

Greetings Malinda,

It did sound more like HYPOthyroid. I am glad you have a wise physician helping you on the road to recovery and optimal health. Resting  and healing are good things. Please make sure you communicate with your physician, because treating the thyroid so that it works specifically for your body might require some fine tuning of the dose. I encourage you to look for things in the environment that are not good for the thyroid and try and avoid them if possible.

Many blessings

Dr. Glenn

11 Feb 01:40

Hello Dr. Wollman,


I've enjoyed both your talks this week as I have been recently diagnosed with Hyperthyroidism.  As an active yogini, student, practitioner, etc. I was shocked by the notion that something this serious was going on in my body without my conscious awareness (and certainly against my will!)  Not only was I unaware of the condition, I was living with and supressing symptoms thinking they were just part of "getting older".  I had not been to my Doctor in a few years, but had actively pursued other healing modalities.  I made it to my physician just four weeks ago and now find myself on this new path of wellness.  I am dedicated to taking responsibility for myself in all areas.  Thank you for your clarity and for the message that medical professionals are useful resources.  I have no functioning thyroid and could not have resolved this issue alone.  I am interested in exploring further ways to rid myself of toxins and prevent further damage to my body.


Best Regards


11 Feb 02:09

Hello Malinda,

Were you diagnosed with hyper or hypo thyroid ? Whatever it was I'm glad that you had it checked out and are now being treated. Of course it is a life lesson and I know you are learning the lessons by your comments. I commend you. I hope your doctor or you in your own personal quest have found foods that are beneficial and foods that might be harmful for good thyroid health. Also look at household products etc.

Continue on your path.


19 Nov 07:23

Enjoy the updates on your site. Sorry I couldn't do more for you. Looking forward to cloning myself some day soon.

19 Nov 20:27


As always, thank you for your help.

Strong Work.

Would it be better to clone yourself  or turn you in to an app ?

All good things and see you soon


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Medical Guide, helping people make medical decisions

Medical Guidance, using an integrative , holistic approach to assist people in making medical decisions and gaining a healthy, balanced life.

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Hello,lam misscaroline,l need yourfriendship,l ...
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