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Sex Female
Country United States flag
City New Paltz, New York
Profile status Active
Interests: Yoga, Yoga Blogging, Long Distance Cycling
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10 Mar 18:57

Laughter greetings!! I just posted a few videos of laughter yoga that you'll enjoy. It's a fun way to get your laughter in for the day!! Very good, very good, yay!

12 Nov 01:39

Hi thejoyofyoga,


I like your blog!! It's a great stuff. There are several teachers in this community. Why don't you contact them and discuss about what sequences they use. You may wanna post a topic at our forum too!

20 Oct 00:15

Just checked out your blog, great concept. You should talk to Christina about your blog concept as there may be a way to synergize between what you're doing and what YogaHub is planning.

20 Oct 01:34

Thanks for the note! I'll get right on it Smile

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The Joy of Yoga Blogista
I recently started a blog,, where I post a yoga sequence every day for use in personal or studio practice. I am always looking for guest bloggers to post their favorite sequences, so please contact me if you have any. I happily link back to your blog or website Smile
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17 Jan 21:01clairem211 has left the comment on thejoyofyoga blog post 10 Yoga Teacher Confessions
Thank you for those honest confessions! And ju...
10 Mar 19:17thejoyofyoga has left the comment on JillJohnson profile
i like the lawnmove. ha! ha ha! ha ha ha! ahaha...
10 Mar 18:57JillJohnson has left the comment on thejoyofyoga profile
Laughter greetings!! I just posted a few videos...
9 Mar 17:53thejoyofyoga added yoginimegan to her friends list
1 Mar 17:09thejoyofyoga has left the comment on JillJohnson profile
hi new friend! i really like the photo :)
1 Mar 17:08thejoyofyoga added JillJohnson to her friends list
20 Feb 16:43thejoyofyoga joined event Virtual World Yoga Conference of YHVC
11 Feb 20:56YogaCare has left the comment on thejoyofyoga blog post Snow Day Yoga
Awesome Sequence Suggestions - I'm just gettin...
5 Dec 23:13thejoyofyoga added gaileee to her friends list
28 Nov 18:05segovia has left the comment on thejoyofyoga blog post Segovia from
Hey thanks so much for the kind words. And now ...
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The Joy of Yoga
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dateNovember 9, 2012 Uncategorized; 0 comments
Benjamin Lorr got addicted to Bikram. Can't say I wasn't there myself, especially when I was living in Madison, Wisconsin and working at... Read more
dateOctober 25, 2012 Uncategorized; 0 comments
A quickie today. In class today we worked on eagle variations (among other things, given).Here they are, best as can be described:1. Eag... Read more
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